Made In Brazil is honored to present an exclusive look at twenty images from Way Model Management’s much anticipated 2012 calendar, featuring all of the agencies biggest names such as Alessandra Ambrósio, Ana Claudia Michels, Caroline Trentini, Lea T., Fabiana Mayer, Debora Muller, Viviane Orth, Marcelia Freesz, and many more, photographed by a selection of the country’s top photographers and stylists. View more images after the break.


From top to bottom:
01. Alessandra Ambrósio by Henrique Gendre and Yael Gitai.
02. Ana Claudia Michels by Bob Wolfenson and Paulo Martinez.
03. Caroline Trentini by Fabio Bartelt.
04. Lea T. by Dudu and Mendez and Renata Correa.
05. Fabiana Mayer by Marcio Simnch and Pedro Sales.
06. Debora Müller by Hugo Toni and Paulo Martinez.
07. Jessica Bertoncelo by Cristiano Madureira and Leticia Toniazzo.
08. Lovani Pinnow by Marcelo Krasilcic.
09. Cristina Hermann by Marcelo Gomes.
10. Viviane Orth by Jacques Dequeker and Pedro Sales.
11. Laura Neiva by Gui Paganini and Flavia Pommianosky and Davi Ramos.
12. Thairine Garcia by Nicole Heiniger and Renata Correa.
13. Shirley Mallmann by Zee Nunes and Daniel Ueda.
14. Alicia Kuczman by Bruna Castanheira and Leticia Toniazzo.
15. Isabel Hickmann by Eduardo Rezende and Marc Sifuentes.
16. Luana Teifke by Akila Berjaoui.
17. Renata Sozzi by Rogerio Cavalcanti and Heleno Manoel.
18. Marcelle Bittar by Rodrigo Marques and Pedro Sales.
19. Paola Ludke by Paulo Vainer and Flavia Pommianosky and Davi Ramos.
20. Marcelia Freesz by Paschoal Rodriguez and Flavia Pommianosky and Davi Ramos.

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