I spent all morning reading news about the parade last night, and two things are present in every article: the record number of people, and the violence. Blogger Kevin at Club Whirled just emailed me links to two stories this morning about a murder which took place last night in the Jardins area. According to Folha Online, French Gregor Erwan Landouar was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife by a group of three or four young men right after leaving popular gay restaurant Ritz. He was not robbed, meaning it was most likely a hate crime (there is a recent rise in the numbers of hate crimes against gay men in the area). Mr. Landouar died at the hospital, and no suspects have been arrested yet.

Kevin points out that the newspapers made no reference to the fact that the victim was at a gay restaurant, and that the incident happened on the day of the biggest pride parade in the world. When I read the story, I was stunned as I spent about an hour drinking with my friends at Ritz last evening.

UPDATE: Folha reports today that the murder is being investigated as a hate crime. It was also confirmed by O Globo that Mr. Landouar was visiting the city for Pride weekend, and that it was not a case of robbery.