Up until this month, the fall shows in Brazil were held in January and the spring shows in May and June, in sync with the men’s collections with Milan and Paris. Later this month, however, the dates of the national fashion calendar will undergo a significant change, with the fall shows being held in October and November, and the spring shows in March and April. As a result, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will be hosting a third fashion week this year in order to accommodate the changes in the calendar, meaning Brazilian designers will be showcasing a second fall collection to press and buyers.

The changes in the calendar will provide designers with a broader window for manufacturing and delivering their collections given the fact that Brazil is in the southern hemisphere and our seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. The previous calendar provided only two months for deliveries of the collections, while the new one will give designers six months to deliver their collections in stores. From a press perspective, the changes would also allow national fashion publications to produce and photograph more stories in advance as international publications do.

While the new dates seem highly beneficial to national designers in terms of the domestic market, the new calendar may have a different impact on international press and buyers. The fall/winter shows in São Paulo from now on will take place in the last week of October, less than a month after all international designers have just presented their spring/summer collections. While buyers will still be confirming their spring orders and editors will be busy shooting the new spring collections, Brazil will already be showing fall, meaning it will become more difficult to invite international buyers and members of the international press to the shows here, possibly making SPFW and Fashion Rio less relevant from an international perspective.

Do I believe a lesser presence from international buyers and editors will have a significant impact on the careers of national designers? No. First of all, Brazil never had a major presence from key international editors even when the shows were better aligned with the international calendar. Second, designers such as Alexandre Herchcovitch, Carlos Miele, and Pedro Lourenço, already show their collections in New York and Paris, and Brazilian label Osklen recently joined them by showing at Lincoln Center last month. Other national brands looking to expand globally will eventually end up showing their collections in an international arena as the labels previously mentioned, while some will possibly focus on expanding their presence in the national market and better developing their business domestically. With more and more international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Lanvin, and Bottega Veneta, entering Brazil and setting up stores in São Paulo and other capitals, competition for national designers has increased significantly over the past couple of years, especially when due to heavy taxation, their prices are not competitive with those of international brands. The new calendar, however, may give them more of a competitive edge by allowing designers to have more time to focus on product development and either making their price points more attractive or offering more quality in terms of design and finishes.

As a result of a third week of shows taking place this year, São Paulo Fashion Week will take place over the course of three days only, from October 29 to 31, at Villa Lobos Park. Fashion Rio will take place at Pier Mauá from November 6 to 9. The line up of shows, which was finally announced today, is after the break.


Monday, October 29:
12h00 Osklen
15h00 Têca por Helô Rocha
16h00 Ronaldo Fraga
17h30 FH por Fause Haten
19h00 Tufi Duek
20h00 Triton
21h00 Ellus

Tuesday, October 30:
16h00 João Pimenta
17h30 Uma Raquel Davidowicz
19h00 Samuel Cirnansck
20h30 Lino Villaventura
21h30 Colcci

Wednesday, October 31:
11h30 Gloria Coelho
16h00 Alexandre Herchcovitch
17h30 Maria Garcia
19h00 R.Rosner
20h15 Vitorino Campos
21h30 Forum

Thursday, November 1:
11h00 Reinaldo Lourenço