Marlon Teixeira For
C&A By Água de Coco


Marlon Teixeira By Eduardo Rezende
For Água de Coco


Marlon Teixeira photographed by Eduardo Rezende for swimwear label Água de Coco’s magazine.


The Fashion Magazine Covers On
Newsstands In Brazil This Month


Aline Weber by Eduardo Rezende for Elle Brazil. Love the location in the Atacama desert, love the swimsuit, but not a fan of the hair or the retouching (it looks like someone did something wrong to her body, especially around the skirt part of suit).


Alessandra Ambrósio by Robert Astley Sparke for Glamour Brazil, wearing the exact same swimsuit by Lenny Niemeyer which is featured on the cover of Elle (Alessandra wore it much better in my opinion). I am going to forgive the Brazilian flag cliché because it is Independence month.


Ben Harper and Isabelli Fontana by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil. Fashion Rocks? What year is this? One of my least favorite issues of Vogue Brazil this year. Fyi, Isabelli added a second “L” to her name.


Dakota Fanning by Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. Another one of Carine Roitfeld’s global cover stories, but probably the last picture of the entire editorial I would have handpicked for a Brazilian cover.


Amra Cerkezovic by Fe Pinheiro for L’Officiel Brazil. With so many good images in the editorial, I have no clue why that was chosen for a cover. It is neither cool nor edgy if that is what the magazine was trying to achieve here.


Carolina Thaler Has Three Editorials
In National Magazines This Month


In the short time Carolina Thaler was in Brazil last month she managed to shoot three editorials for this month’s fashion magazines. She appears in two stories in Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, both styled by Flavia Lafer and shot by Bob Wolfenson, and in a single girl story in Elle Brazil styled by Rita Lazzarotti and photographed by Eduardo Rezende. As much as I adore her, I do think Bazaar Brazil could have made an effort to shoot at least one different girl per story in the issue to add a little diversity, but that is what happens when there is no casting director involved. View more images from the three editorials after the break.


The Fashion Magazine Covers On
Newsstands In Brazil This Month


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Henrique Gendre and Aline Weber by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil. Although I do not see the need for two completely unrelated covers, they are some of my favorite covers from the publication produced by Brazilian photographers recently.


Lily Aldridge by Eduardo Rezende for Elle Brazil. It is the first cover under new editor-in-chief Susana Barbosa and I like the direction. It is about time Brazilian fashion magazines start shooting girls other than Isabeli Fontana and Aline Weber for their covers, and start producing more of their content overseas.


Ali Michael by Yossi Michaeli for L’Officiel Brazil. Sorry, but it has been a year since L’Officiel Brazil relaunched under a new editorial team and I still do not get the direction of the magazine (or the relevance of this cover).


Daniela Braga by Gui Paganini for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. It was about time a national magazine gave Daniela Braga a much deserved cover, but I just wish Bazaar had used any other image from her editorial instead of the picture above. Not only does her head look like it is floating, but also her amazing skin complexion has been over retouched. Best choice of model this month, but bad choice of image and retouching.