Backstage At The Spring/Summer
2015 Shows In São Paulo


Franklin Rutz, André Bona, and Max Motta photographed by Henrique Padilha backstage at the shows in Brazil. View more pictures of the boys after the break.


Joy Men Spring/Summer 2015
Show Package

Franklin Rutz
Gabriel Gomieri 2
Leandro Lima 1

View Joy Men’s complete package for the spring/summer 2015 shows in Brazil after the break.


Joy Men Fall/Winter 2014
Show Package

Adrian Cardoso
Bruce Machado 2
Franklin 1

View the complete Joy Men fall/winter 2014 package for the Brazilian shows after the break.


SPFW S/S 2014:
5 Looks From João Pimenta


Models Rafael Desimon, Luis Coppini, Leonard Herzog, Frederico Jobim, and Franklin Rutz in five of my favorite looks from the João Pimenta spring/summer 2014 show yesterday in São Paulo.

After two seasons of struggling to find a common ground between runway and reality, it seems that João Pimenta finally started to better understand who his core customer is, and sent out his most commercial (and also most desirable) collection to date. More polished and sophisticated than in the past couple of seasons, the theatricality of his early shows was completely set aside yesterday to give way to a wide selection of pieces that can be easily incorporated into his customers’ closets. With so many designers in São Paulo showing collections completely unrelated to the merchandise in their stores and several others skipping this season for lack of funding, it was a smart step for João to go in the opposite direction and focus his efforts on the collection instead of the show.


Joy Model Management Spring/Summer 2014
Men’s Show Package


The fall/winter shows in the northern hemisphere are coming to an end, but thanks to a revised fashion calendar effective last October, the spring shows in São Paulo and Rio are just around the corner, starting on March 18. View Joy Model Management’s complete men’s package for the spring/summer shows in Brazil after the break.