Sabrina Sato On The
Cover Of L’Officiel Brazil


TV presenter Sabrina Sato lands the cover of the latest issue of L’Officiel Brazil, styled by Renata Correa and photographed by Paulo Vainer with art direction by Thiago Batista. It is possibly my favorite cover Sabrina has ever done, and by far my favorite cover of L’Officiel Brazil since the publication relaunched in Brazil over two years ago. THAT is exactly what L’Officiel Brazil should aim to look like every issue.


The Fashion Magazine Covers On
Newsstands In Brazil This Month


Aline Weber, Ana Beatriz Barros, Isabelli Fontana, Izabel Goulart, Renata Kuerten, Barbara Beluco, and Rhayene Polster by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil. It is not a bad cover per se but everything about it sounds fishy to me. First off, it reads “Class of 2014,” and I am deeply sorry but that is the class of 2000 in the picture. The correct class of 2014 would be Amanda Wellsh, Waleska Gorczevski, Mariana Santana, and Cris Herrmann, but of course no one bothered to hire a casting director to get this done correctly. It should just read “The Girls Of Mega” instead because it is certainly not a mere coincidence that every single girl on the cover and on the fold out are represented by Mega, and that they are all wearing Dior. Also, I don’t even get why there is a fold out when a cover with Aline, Ana, Isabelli, and Izabel would have been stronger without it.


Lindsay Ellingson by Nicole Heiniger for Elle Brazil. I thought I was never going to say this, but that is too much leopard print even for me. That and the styling is just incredibly weak and tired (not to mention the fact that it looks like Lindsay’s head is out of place).


Actress Fernanda Lima by Fabio Bartelt for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. Love the blue background, that it’s finally not Thairine Garcia on the cover for a change, and that they made Fernanda Lima look cool and sophisticated.


Paola Rahmeier by Paulo Vainer for L’Officiel Brazil. Best cover of the magazine so far. No funny text, pretty hair and make up, and a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Hope they can keep it up and start cleaning the image of the past two years.


The Fashion Magazine Covers On
Newstands In Brazil This Month


Alessandra Ambrósio by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Brazil. I love Alessandra and I am a big fan of Mariano Vivanco’s work but I just can’t get past the styling choices and the art direction of this cover. Alessandra, Mariano, and a lot of Prada could have resulted in one of the best stories Vogue Brazil did recently, but ended up becoming the least interesting story I have seen featuring Prada’s amazing spring collection.


Thairine Garcia by Nicole Heiniger for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. By far the best cover this month, but Thairine was just on the cover of the magazine in October, and as much as I like her, booking her for the cover for the fifth time is enough. I would have much preferred to see girls like Waleska Gorczevski, Mariana Santana, Cris Herrmann, or Amanda Wellsh on this cover, so maybe it is time for someone in the editorial team to step outside the box and hire a casting director.


Carolinne Prates by Hugo Toni for Elle Brazil. Love the casting but don’t necessarily love the cover, mostly due to the art direction.


Alicia Kuczman by Nicole Heiniger for L’Officiel Brazil. I don’t get the styling and the beauty and why that image was chosen for the cover, and the existence of this publication remains a mystery to me. Perhaps this was just not a very good month in general.


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The Fashion Magazine Covers On
Newsstands In Brazil This Month


Marcélia Freesz by Bob Wolfenson for Elle Brazil. By far my favorite cover of the magazine since Susana Barbosa took over as editor of the magazine. It is everything a Brazilian fashion cover should be, sexy, colorful, easy, and not over-retouched as so many of Elle Brazil’s covers often are.


Karlie Kloss by Henrique Gendre for Vogue Brazil. I am not a fan of the art direction as usual, but I do like that it is a more fun and unexpected cover for Brazilian Vogue. Would have loved to see Karlie in a bikini or one-piece instead though.


Crystal Renn by Dusan Reljin for the second anniversary cover of Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. One of my favorite covers of Bazaar Brazil since it launched two years ago. Love the styling by Victoria Bartlett.


Actress Taís Araujo by Terry Richardson for L’Officiel Brazil. This may be the most interesting cover so far of L’Officiel Brazil (it looks a lot richer on newsstands with a metallic gold logo), but misspelled words on purpose on the cover are neither hip nor cool.

To end on a positive note, this just may be the month with the best collection of fashion covers so far this year in Brazil, with every single publication stepping up.