Made In Brazil Magazine #8:
The International Issue Preview


The international issue of Made In Brazil Magazine officially launches today, and can already be purchased online through the magazine link on the site, or at Casa Magazines in the West Village in New York and Livraria Cultura in São Paulo.

Previews of the new issue can be seen through the links below. Make sure to check them out and buy a copy!

Lad Mag: Made In Brazil Goes Gorgeously Global (
World Cup (
Made In Brazil Issue 08 Preview (F.Tape)

And before everyone starts thinking that I forgot about the Brazilian boys, I definitely did not. The magazine will not change in terms of being exclusively focused on Brazilian models, but for the past year I had been thinking about working on an international edition as a way of celebrating male models in general and this felt like the right time to do it. I like the idea of doing something a bit unexpected and slightly risky since I see the magazine as a collector’s item and I don’t want all the issues to be the same or too predictable.

The models and professionals involved in this issue may be different from previous ones, but the essence of the magazine is certainly the same (lots of skin, sensual images, amazing boys and great fashion). I am extremely proud of the casting of this issue, and hope that Made In Brazil fans will love it too as this is our only issue with international models in it and all the guys involved were incredible to work with. Models featured in the issue include Mariano Ontañon, Arran Sly, Chris Moore, Travis Smith, Thorben Gärtner, Ronald Epps, Joel Meacock, Lucas and Luis Coppini, Diego Fragoso, Ross Hindmarch, Sam Worth, Thor Clemmensen, Juan Betancourt, John Todd, Garrett Neff, David Agbodji, Jae Yoo, Chad White, Parker Gregory, Parker Hurley, Aurelién Muller, Nikolai Danielsen, Tobias Sorensen, and much more.

Many thanks to all of you who already bought a copy of the new issue over the weekend for supporting our work. It is definitely not easy to produce and print a magazine with over two hundred pages of pictures and no advertising in between, so thank you to those who allow us to continue to do it by purchasing a copy of Made In Brazil.


Watch: Unsigned MGMT For
Made In Brazil Magazine #8

A behind the scenes look at models Thor Clemmensen, Sam Worth, and Ross Hindmarch, shooting in London with photographer Steeve Beckouet for the international issue of Made In Brazil Magazine. Video by Cesar Perin at Unsigned MGMT.

Order your copy of the new issue of Made In Brazil Magazine here.


Made In Brazil Magazine #8:
The International Issue


Here are the two covers of the new international issue of Made In Brazil: Argentine Mariano Ontañon styled by Michael Russo and photographed by Dean Isidro, and Thorben Gärtner, Chris Moore, Mariano Ontañon, and Arran Sly styled by David Vandewal and photographed by Greg Vaughan.

The eighth issue of the magazine is the only issue ever of the publication dedicated to international male models, featuring models from countries ranging from the United States to France to Morocco (with a few Brazilians in the mix of course). It was shot in different cities throughout the world by some really incredible collaborators, which include the names above on the covers along with Milan Vukmirovic, Matthew Brookes, Matthew Marden, Gorka Postigo, Steeve Beckouet, Christian Stroble, Brazilian Cristiano Madureira, and more. In spite of the international casting, I believe we managed to still make it very “Made In Brazil” and I am incredibly proud of this issue. It is our biggest issue to date, with 208 pages of pictures, no advertising or text in between, and some really amazing boys.

Copies of issue #8 can already be pre-ordered through the links below, with worldwide shipping beginning on Tuesday of next week. The editorial preview is coming tomorrow on

Pre-order: Made In Brazil Magazine #8 Cover 1/Mariano cover.

Pre-order: Made In Brazil Magazine #8 Cover 2/Group cover.


Jean Carlos And Rodrigo Braga By
Michael Schwartz For Made In Brazil #7


Because it’s Friday: a selection of pictures from Jean Carlos and Rodrigo Braga’s story in the new issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, styled by Maher Jridi and photographed by Michael Schwartz, with make up by Aya Komatsu and hair by Andrew Fitzsimons.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of Made In Brazil #7 yet, Casa Magazines in New York on the corner of 8th Avenue and 12th street has received more copies of the issue. In Rio de Janeiro, you can find the magazine at Livraria da Travessa, and Livraria Cultura also distributes the magazine throughout Brazil, in most of its branches. You can also purchase a copy of the new issue online here with worldwide shipping.

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Made In Brazil Magazine 7 Outtakes:
Caio César By Greg Vaughan


A special treat this Thanksgiving: outtakes from Caio César’s shoot with Greg Vaughan for Made In Brazil Magazine #7, styled by Matthew Marden and groomed by Martin-Christopher Harper.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of Made In Brazil #7 yet, the magazine is still available at Casa/Global News in New York on the corner of 8th Avenue and 12th street, and at Livraria da Travessa in Rio de Janeiro and Livraria Cultura throughout Brazil. You can also purchase a copy of the new issue through the magazine link on the site.

Many thanks to all of you who have already picked up a copy of the magazine! If it weren’t for you, we would certainly not be able to release yet another issue and keep this project going, and I am extremely grateful for your support.