On September 17, “Projeto Fashion”, the national version of Project Runway, will debut on Band network with twelve contestants fighting for a R$100K contract with mass retailer Marisa and a scholarship at Milan’s Instituto Europeo Di Design (or IED). There is no word yet if the finalists will get to show their collection at Fashion Rio or at São Paulo Fashion Week, but in all honesty the last thing the line up of shows here needs is another amateur collection.

The panel of judges in Brazil will include presenter Adriane Galisteu, designers Alexandre Herchcovitch and Reinaldo Lourenço, and Susana Barbosa, fashion editor of Elle Brazil. As much credibility as I give to each one of them on their own, I just cannot imagine a contestant being able to keep a straight face while their design is being critiqued by Adriane Galisteu. For those of you overseas who have never heard of her, let’s just say she is more famous for taking her clothes off than keeping them on, and that if she were to ever appear in one of her usual outfits in front of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, they would shred her to pieces so fast she wouldn’t know what hit her.

One of the greatest things about Project Runway when it started out was that the show managed to have just the right balance between camp and credibility. From the Brazilian version I am basically expecting camp only, which isn’t totally a bad thing. We could use more camp shows with a couple of queens on a judging panel on Brazilian television. I am already counting the days for it to start.